the sound of images - auditorium

Workshop by Emmanuelle Waeckerle: (the) sound (of) images – writing photographs at Tate Modern

In this two hours workshop for the Writing Photographs symposium, a collaboration between Tate and The Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub at London College of Communication, Waeckerle proposed to use photographs as scores and breath as a compositional tool, allowing for a metaphorical breathing in of what one sees and literal breathing out, through sounds, words, gestures, of what each image can elicit in us. Such breathing and writing and reading requires a certain kind of deep listening (Pauline Oliveros, 2005) to the silent speech of images but also to ourselves.

This workshop is based on a textual score (sound(ing) images (2017), soon to be published in Revolve:R , for which Waeckerle was invited to respond to a set of given images.