UCA Canterbury hosts the 5th Annual European Sculpture Network ‘start19’

28th March at 2pm: Cragg lecture theatre

University for the Creative Arts
Canterbury Kent CT3 1NX

Introduction by Anthony Heywood

Keynote speaker; Andrea Gregson
Her talk will be talk interactive / social

Followed by a panel discussion

Three-dimensional art and society
Andrea Gregson
Afterlife of Objects

The work of Andrea Gregson is an inquiry into among other things obsolescence, materiality, value and site.  With a long-standing interest in objects in series and taxonomies of display she focuses on the intertwining stories found in manufacturing processes and the history of sites. The sculptures attempt to create a new form of geology, representing a person’s movement through time. Using the casting process to transform and collapse matter, in ‘human time’ and reflect on the ‘deep time’ of geology she places the work within the context of the Anthropocene. Recent works are a series of metal castings and drawings from sites of material conflict such as Thames embankment where the contrast and collisions between industry and nature are clearly drawn.

Currently she is working on a new series for works for Grizedale forest with a show opening summer 2019.  The exhibition ‘Seeing Through The Ground’, will consider the landscape as a relic of past production, where natural materials are transformed through industrial processes. As part of Start 19, Andrea Gregson will present an interactive seminar whilst wrestling with questions of participation and her own making as a means of discovery and knowledge production.