Sunil Gupta-Untitled 5-The new Pre-Raphaelites-2008-ink-jet print

Sunil Gupta: In Pursuit of Love, at the Peltz Gallery, Birbeck University

The exhibition features works from a selection of Gupta’s photographic series made over the past 30 years. In Gupta’s own words, these works were produced in response to being ” an out Indian gay man and being desired in the world,” while living in the West and being HIV positive.

While the series Homelands (2004) represented “…a shift from exclusively postcolonial terms of reference to geography and location,” the other series in the show, The New Pre-Raphaelites (2008) was made in recognition of “…a new generation of no longer gay but queer people [in Delhi] who wanted change and were not prepared to wait.” The photographs are Gupta’s love letter to “…this moment of sexual liberation and restlessness that was no longer ‘the love that dared not speak its name’ but the love that was suddenly having Pride marches and demanding equal rights.”