Greig Burgoyne

Greig Burgoyne UCA Profile

Acting Programme Director Fine Art & Photography (Farnham), Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Greig Burgoyne wrestles between a rule based process-led activating of space alongside the experience of a spaces physical, static volumes, anomalies or dimensions. In doing so he seeks to reconceptualise the body/site relation through performative actions that take the gallery space beyond a condition of stasis to one of translation and flux, a site of experience rather than simply location; extending the Bergsonian sense of the ‘not yet’ to a becoming of multiplicity, endurance, repetition, accumulation and duration. The resulting drawing installations, performative films, participatory live events and wall drawings, Burgoyne sees as finite propositions, only completed or brought into being as a result of the context they are in. In doing so, inviting the audience to play a part in the completion of the work whilst challenge /and at other times liberate, our rapport with space beyond something contained and subsequently closed to further development. Nationally & Internationally Burgoyne regularly exhibits & performs, presents at conference and lectures across Europe.