(story of) - Klangraum 17, Düsseldorf, July 2017

“Speak// if you can”: text, scores, performance – Antoine Beuger & Emmanuelle Waeckerlé – Cafe Oto – 22nd-23rd February

Two evenings of performances of text based scores by Antoine Beuger and Emmanuelle
Waeckerlé, realised by Antoine Beuger, John Eyles, Sarah Hughes, Petri Huurinainen,
Charlotte Keefe, Will Montgomery, Artur Vidal and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
“Speak// if you can” brings together a composer, a writer and several interpreters of
text scores. The evenings will explore the points of transformation and translation
between text and sound. Antoine Beuger, a founder member of the Wandelweiser
collective, has a long established interest in the crossovers between text scores and
literary and philosophical texts. Earlier this year, his label released an acoustic
rendering of The Story of O, as re-composed by UK-based interdisciplinary artist
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé. Taking the work of Waeckerlé and Beuger as a starting
point, the two evenings will present new configurations of voice and musical sound,
building on George Oppen’s injunction: “Speak// if you can”.

Curated by Will Montgomery and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé with support from the Royal Holloway PoeticsResearch Centre; the Humanities and Arts Research Institute, Royal Holloway; and the University of the Creative Arts research fund.