Teza Soe

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Redefining feminism in Myanmar; Documentary Photography As An Activist Model

Research Project Summary:
In Myanmar, gender inequality has historically never been acknowledged as an issue of concern and traditionally established gender roles have rarely been discussed and debated until now. This is the first study in Myanmar, which uses photography to respond to the excesses of patriarchy. This research is arguing against the popular narrative that Myanmar women enjoy equal status as men and it challenges the preexisting notions of feminine identity associated with Myanmar women. In particular, the research will identify key issues pertinent to emancipation of women through photography.
The research methodology is to take feminism and use that as a prism to inspect Myanmar while being mindful of a relationship between feminism and photography; Soe aims to discover if the combination of feminist thinking and photography might help raise the consciousness and emancipate the women of Myanmar.


Teza Soe (born 1988) is a Myanmar artist and photographer based in London. She is currently a PhD candidate at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham researching on “Redefining feminism in Myanmar; Documentary photography as an activist model” which uses photography as a tool to investigate women’s situation in Myanmar.  Her research and practice recounts the stories and representations of women who have had no voice historically. She also volunteers as Myanmar Programme Manager at Lensational, a non-profit social enterprise that equips marginalised women and girls with photography training and digital skills.


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