Matt Johnston

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Connections (made and missed, digital and other) between the photobook and its reader.

Research Project Summary:
Matt Johnston’s research considers the current surge of interest in the photobook form from a critical perspective. The research moves beyond metaphor and hyperbole in first presenting a thorough survey of the content and discourse surrounding the photobook in the 21st century.

Subsequently questions are asked of the efficacy of the medium and the ways in which readers interact with photobooks for a variety of purposes which both intersect with, and at times fall away from, intended experiences posited by authors.

Through this critical analysis it is the aim that a valid and sustainable place for the photobook in the post-digital will be arrived at, and that with the broad and deep data collected, others will be able to enhance readership as a number or experience.


Matt is a UK based photographer, educator, researcher and founder of The Photobook Club. His research focuses on the relationships between photography, the photobook and its audience in a post digital context and investigates the state of the photobook, its relative efficacy and the conversations occurring around the medium.

Matt is a lecturer in Photography at Coventry University where, together with Jonathan Worth, he pioneered free and open photography classes #picbod and #phonar. Matt has spoken about his investigations and experiments at a number of conferences internationally and is currently working on an open, non-linear, poster-based class exploring the post-digital.


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