Manuel Vason

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The PhotoPerformer

The Performance of Photography as an Act of Precarious Interdependency.

Research Project Summary:
Manuel Vason’s research is looking at the relationship between photography and performance. Through a critical analysis of eighteen years of art practice he aims to demonstrate how the two art forms are interdependent to each other and how their interdependency is characterized by precariousness, a human condition that he revisited in its positive connotation as a creative force.

Manuel Vason is a visual activist interested to question the role of the ‘professional’ photographer in our image-driven contemporary society. By exploring the correspondence between the art of photographing and the art of performing, Vason is shaping a hybrid art form and a fertile space of critique and creative expansion.

During the last eighteen years he has collaborated with more than two hundred and fifty international performance artists, produced six publications and exhibited internationally.

Vason is currently completing a PhD by Publication at the University for the Creative Arts.


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