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I am not content

The management of the female image in contemporary image culture (and its discontents).

Research Project Summary:
Liv Pennington’s practice based research addresses the hypothesis that women’s visibility is being limited by the way that women’s images and information is being shared (Tifentale and Manovich 2016), stored (Sarvas and Frohlich 2011) and circulated (Dean 2005, Steyerl 2009). This in itself is not a new idea, but the shift from personalisation to pervasive individualisation and rapacious differentiation by search engines and filter algorithms (Pariser 2011) combined with the move towards real time mixed realities (Lovink 2011) but asynchronous appearance of content introduces dynamics that we have not had to deal with before.

Liv’s practice-based research project enmeshes selected strategies from expanded photography, performance art and participatory art, and draws on theories of presence, visibility and circulation from communicative capitalism, feminism and trans materiality.

Liv Pennington started her part-time PhD practice based research project in 2015. She is an artist – curator – project manager and a graduate of The Royal College of Art (2003) and Middlesex University (1997).

Her work has been exhibited nationally in selected group exhibitions at The Lisson Gallery, Jerwood Space, Format Festival, Towner Gallery and internationally at Bild Museet (Sweden), Orebro Open Art (Sweden), and Oslo Kunsthall (Norway). Her work is held in a number of private and public collections.

Liv has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster on BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice since 2010 and works as a freelance arts project manager.



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