Kate Squires

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Ambiguous Objects

Between Literalness and Illusion in Contemporary Sculptural Practice.

Research Project Summary:

Kate Squires’ practice-based research project explores ambiguity as a property of sculptural objects in contemporary practice. Ambiguity is the possibility of two or more distinct interpretations of the identity of an object. When an object is both literal and illusory, ambiguity can emerge, ambiguity between these two points can create a suspended condition in which the object’s mode of existence is open to question. The research aims to investigate the characteristics of this ontological ambiguity through material relations in contemporary sculpture and the critical potential of ontological ambiguity to open up a space of resistance outside current systems.

Kate Squires is an artist, curator and researcher living in London. Working in the domain of sculpture she creates ambiguous objects, through an intuitive approach to materiality and allusion to literal objects. She works as an arts education consultant for different institutions, (including Tate, British Library, Whitstable Biennial and BACKLIT). She is an Associate Lecturer (Fine Art) at Bath School of Art and Sessional Lecturer (Fine Art), University of Arts, Canterbury. In 2015 she was artist in residence in Learning and was commissioned to develop an Open Studio at Tate Modern. Between 2009 and 2014 she founded and organised Centrum, Berlin, an artist project space in Berlin, Germany. She has worked in gallery education for over fifteen years both as an artist, and curator. Roles have included Communities Curator and Head of Education and Public Programmes at Whitechapel Gallery and she was Head of Education at Camden Arts Centre between 2003-08 and 2014-17. She has exhibited in the UK and Berlin including the Herbert Read Gallery and Tintype, London.


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