Gunther Herbst

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Painting Postcolonial Displacement: Re-Conceptualizing Modernism in South Africa

Research Project Summary:
Gunther Herbst’s research is concerned with the inception of modernist architectural and planning ideas in South Africa during the 1930’s, which eventually provided a rationale for delivering a program of institutional segregation, resulting in race based urban spatial structures and inbuilt inequalities. My aim is to examine apartheid architecture through a sculpture and painting practice and in particular modernist symbols and signs as the signifiers for those times and conditions, in its rendition of and its contemporary “ghost”.

Gunther Herbst is an artist and researcher. Herbst obtained his first degree at the Johannesburg University in South Africa in 1991. He moved to Germany in 1992 and studied at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. In 1995 Herbst came to London to continue his practice and study at Goldsmiths University of London where he obtained my Masters Degree in 2002. Alongside his Fine Art practice he has also worked as a commercial artist for several animation studios in Johannesburg, Berlin, Cologne and London before he started teaching in 2006. Herbst live and work in London.


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