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A feminist perspective on the visual language of cultural hybridity

How women codify and translate the experience of transnationality through the use of alternative photographic processes.

  1. Research Project Summary:
    Transnational identity that has formed from immigration is a complex and multifaceted experience. Building on theories of cultural hybridity, this research will look at transnationality from the perspective of women, as often in the past migration studies have been biased and use male only participants. As the experience of cultural hybridity is not easily represented, this research will explore how women discuss transnationality through photography. In addition it will question if abstraction through alternative photographic processes such as the use of photograms, cyanotypes, and anthotypes can allow some women to communicate this experience more succinctly than with other methods of photography.


  1. Biography:
    Elizabeth Ransom is a visual artist and researcher working with alternative photographic practices. She is also a teaching assistant and associate lecturer for the MFA and BA photography courses at UCA Farnham. As an artist Ransom takes from her own life experiences of migration to explore hybridity, home and memory. Her work has been exhibited internationally in the UK, India, Mexico, China and the US. Ransom has also contributed to curatorial projects including theĀ Women in Photography: A History of British Trailblazers, which recognised the significant contribution of women photographers in Britain through an in-depth historical survey showcasing works from artists such as Anna Atkins and Julia Margaret Cameron.



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