Chantal Riekel

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Ich habe keine Nation’/I do not have a nation

Visualising of the experience of inner migration from a post-memory perspective through the Harald Bratt archive.
Research Project Summary:
Chantal Riekel’s Phd project by practice uses film and photography in order to address the lack of mediating the experience of what she defines as ‘inner migration’ as a reaction to survive a tensed socio-historic context, such as National Socialism.
Through a film, bookwork, and written thesis based on the Harald Bratt archive, set in the context of German cinema in the war and postwar period as a case study, Riekel aims to visually explore the impact of liminal positions on memory as a dynamic process. To a further extent, her research seeks to offer new approaches to understanding the dynamics of memory from an inter-generational perspective and question the role of archives in this mediation process.
Chantal Riekel is a French-German visual artist and researcher who uses archival sources to explore historic cultural events and personal biographies linked to memory as a process. Riekel’s practice combines found imagery and her own photographs to create layered imagery which try to highlight how we engage with difficult, or unspoken narratives.


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