Cameron Haynes

Cameron Haynes

Rethinking blackness and race: new developments of black identity in contemporary visual culture

Research Project Summary:

The research aims to rethink and expand theories on cultural representations of blackness through investigations of historical and social developments in visual cultural. The thesis will also aim to update and interpret contemporary constructed images of blackness, race and representation, through the analysis, deconstruction and interrogation of representations of blackness in the media, television and cinema; looking first at historical developments of black identity and subjectivity in moving images in order to map the contemporary transformation of blackness.

The research is grounded and located within perception and expression blackness in popular cultural production and identity discourse. The project will build upon and update Hall’s Reception Theory (1980) and Hall and du Gay’s Circuit of Culture (1996).  Furthermore, the thesis is a critique of dominant Hegemony embedded within images of blackness, and how concepts of blackness and race are constructed by dominant cultures (Hall, 2019).


Cameron is a UK-based French Canadian lecturer, researcher and visual artist, whose practice is concerned with the multidisciplinary approaches of graphic illustration and media design, specialising in photography, film and video with an emphasis on experimental image making, fine art practice and new technology. He has exhibited work in both the UK and Germany. Mentored by the fashion photographer Brian Duffy, Cameron’s professional profile includes work produced for a broad range of brands including, Elle, Patrick Cox, Paul Smith and Oswald Boateng. He has also produced work for a variety of corporate clients such as, Pepsi, Disney and British Airways.

Cameron is the course leader for the BA (Hons) Fashion Imaging & Illustration undergraduate course at The London College of Fashion, which specialises in the integration of traditional illustration and digital processes, including new media, digital platforms and technology. He has a background in advertising, TV and commercial film production, graphic design and publishing. He gained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Media Design & Illustration in 2002 and obtained his MA in Photography with a distinction in 2010, both from the London College of Communication.

Supervisor: Professor George Barber, Research Degrees Leader


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