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Mapping the Atmosphere: An investigation of the Hoo Peninsula

Research Project Summary:
Anna Falcini’s proposal investigates the possibility of mapping the atmosphere of a place, focusing upon a specific location: The Hoo Peninsula, a coastal, post-industrial landscape on the Thames and Medway estuaries.

The research is concerned with encounters in the Hoo Peninsula through the locus of atmosphere; experienced through a number of possibilities such as material properties, geographies, physical immersion, as well as the historical, archaeological and anthropological relationships to the site. The research is situated in relation to other contemporary practices that converse with similarly potent landscapes through pseudo-scientific or fictional strategies.

Concepts of embodiment, the gaze and an experience of immensity will be key areas for investigations. The action of the lens as a capturing mechanism or conversely as a filter for potentially obscuring any findings around atmosphere will be a central seam of the project.

The lens will provoke questions of scale, from immensity to the macro: important physical attributes in sensing atmosphere in the peninsula. The notion of atmosphere will also seek to position and reference mapping and archives adopting the methodologies of cartographic processes to reveal, to explore and to articulate a set of perceptual, experiential and historical relationships to the site.

Anna Falcini studied at West Surrey College in Farnham and Goldsmiths College, London. She works with fine art disciplines. She has been an artist in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (2014) and at New Art Gallery, Walsall (2013).

Anna’s solo shows include Coming Out of that Past into Glistening Black, The Isle of Grain, Estuary16 Festival (2016), Talking to Gwen at Oriel Davies (2015/16) and The Erasure of John Baskerville, the University of Birmingham, (2015) and recent group shows include Immateriality: Possibilities and Experience, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury (2016) and Salon, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (2015).

She is also a published writer, regularly commissioned by organisations such as Ffotogallery, Photomonitor and Oriel Davies Gallery.

Anna has also presented papers at a number of conferences including Out of Practice at the University of Birmingham (2016) and Strata: Art/Science Collaborations in the Anthropocene at Aberystwyth University (2016). She organised the seminar Art and the Hoo Peninsula at UCA Rochester in partnership with the Thames Estuary Partnership (2016) and is a Creative Advisor to the Visualising Geomorphology working group at the Universities of Aberstywyth and Oxford and is currently lecturing at Bath Spa University.


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