Clare Marie Beattie

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Delphine Bedel

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Publishing as Artistic and Feminist Practice: On Becoming a Feminist Publisher

Grigoris Digkas

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Ithacas, a photographic journey: exile and displacement arising from the Greek crisis

Rossella Emanuele

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Dancing with the self

Anna Falcini

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Mapping the Atmosphere: An investigation of the Hoo Peninsula

Ollie Gapper

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Mike Haplin

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Chance Procedures in the Production of Experimental Drawings

Cameron Haynes

Rethinking blackness and race: new developments of black identity in contemporary visual culture

Gunther Herbst

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Painting Postcolonial Displacement: Re-Conceptualizing Modernism in South Africa


Vicky Hodgson

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Redressing stereotypical representations of women and ageing

Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris

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Anything But the Eyes

Matt Johnston

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Fiona MacDonald

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Feral Practice

Alison McFadden

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Physical Training & Art Practice

Liv Pennington

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I am not content

Chantal Riekel

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Ich habe keine Nation’/I do not have a nation

Susanna Round

Understanding the users’ role in the value and meaning of buildings

Graham Seaton

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The Object as Photograph

Jingiing Shen

Velocity and the Creative Imagination in China

Teza Soe

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Redefining feminism in Myanmar; Documentary Photography As An Activist Model

Erin Solomons

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Bodily Fluids, Behaviour, and Legacy:

Kate Squires

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Ambiguous Objects

Manuel Vason

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The PhotoPerformer