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Reader Steffi Klenz, Paradise Can Make Itself Scarce

Rut Blees Luxembury and Uta Kogelsberger presents:

Paradise Can Make Itself Scarce, by Steffi Klenz

30 Years after the Fall of Berlin Wall

The wall flashes in the here. It echoes in the now.
It created my past. The past became me.
I have always been that.

20/03/2019 – 01/04/2019

103 Murray Grove,
N1 7QP

bookroom presents: : with Jessica Aslan & Emma Lloyd

Music Studio RF08, UCA Farnham
13/03/2019 , 4.30pm

Live stream in W40, across campus and broadcast media at Maidstone Studios

Jessica Aslan and Emma Lloyd are the first guests composer / performer of a series of streamed concerts of experimental music taking place at UCA in Farnham and at IKLECTIK in London. The other concerts this year are …

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