Propositions for Paintings – Moyra Derby interviewed by Jillian Knipe at Instantloveland

Jillian Knipe in conversation with Moyra Derby reflects on work and projects over the last 5 years. As Knipe observes: ‘The content of Moyra Derby’s practice is elusive: that much is highlighted when one attempts to view her work online. Her website floatingprojects’ presents images of well-behaved works all lined up to have their photo taken, when, in reality, most of them demand to be experienced in the round. Her paintings are challenging in their candid refusal to adhere to rules of categorisation’ and ‘what they all seem to have in common is an acknowledgment that painting is problematic’. Published in June 2020, Moyra Derby was interviewed while Jillian Knipe was writer- in-residence at instantloveland, an online journal exploring how abstract art interacts with broader aspects of social and cultural change.