Dissent and Desire, Charan Singh and Sunil Gupta

Professorial Sunil Gupta exhibits ‘Dissent and Desire’ at Brixton Tate Library

The forthcoming exhibition will be the next iteration of a collaboration with Charan Singh​, seen last year at the Kochi Biennale, for LGBTQ History Month in London.

Brixton Tate Library
Brixton Oval
London SW2 1JQ

February 1st — 20th, 2020

In a world of excessive and over representations of India, how, as artists, do we engage with the void of representations that still exists, has always been the core question of our critical practices. Dissent and Desire is an attempt to speak to the void that continues to exist, and which poses a threat to the larger questions of democracy and freedom. These contradictions make us think about our ethical position when representing communities that are rarely seen in photographic traditions in India, beyond its cliché. Also, to think about the disparities not just based on power and privilege but in the distribution of knowledge. So, for us the question was why and what it is we would like to create through our photographic project, that could portray its subjects with dignity and sincerity. Their everyday lives may seem banal at first, but they exposit how people negotiate family and society. One of the crucial aspects of these conversations was the changing nature of the law and how it impacts everyone’s lives. The latest judgement restoring the decriminalisation of homosexuality has restored hope, however the struggle for love and respect is still on.

Charan Singh and Sunil Gupta, Kochi 2018