PhD research exhibition by Marcelo de Melo

Thursday 23 – Tuesday 28 May 2019
11am – 6pm
Private View: Saturday 25 May, 3 – 6pm

This exhibition concludes the cycle of exhibitions related to Marcelo de Melo’s PhD research in Art Practice developed at the University for the Creative Arts, in collaboration with the University of Brighton.

Thesis title: Mosaic as an Experimental System in Contemporary Fine Art Practice and Criticism.

The thesis examines the conventional definition of mosaic and argues against the dominant narrative that subordinates it to painting. It asserts the specific character and general applicability of mosaic as a paradigm for image-construction, presenting the necessity for rethinking mosaic, in terms of both practice and theory, as a constituent presence affecting consideration of certain practices within contemporary art.

Through a practice-based approach the thesis advances mosaic as an experimental system, conceptually and experientially, embracing the historicity of mosaic as well as its phenomenological ramifications. It unfolds a narrative commonly hidden within the interstices of normative art-historical discourse by tracing a particular way of structuring the visual where mosaic principles enable the passage from the actual built environment of construction to the image-based virtual environment of digital technologies. Marcelo’s thesis argues that the ancient tessera has evolved into the contemporary voxel.