Noé Sendas: Vanishing Acts – with interview by Professor Jean Wainwright

Noé Sendas: Vanishing Acts
edited by João Silverio 

with an interview by Jean Wainwright (pg 26-34) and a text by Stephan Klee

 comprehensive edition of the artist’s work of the last ten years, with a special focus on assemblage works, namely the Crystal Girls series. 

Noé Sendas is a multidisciplinary creative mind working with photography, collage, video, sculpture. His very unique style creates a mystical aura in which one, the spectator, has the freedom to interpret. 

João Silverio, writer and curator, holds a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies from the Fine Arts Faculty of Universidade de Lisbon. Jean Wainwright is an art historian, critic, curator and Andy Warhol scholar. Stephan Klee is an art curator and manager for art associations.