Netflix picks up four-part thriller directed by DFSA graduate

A four-part thriller directed by one of our BA Digital Film & Screen Arts graduates has now been picked up by Netflix, after it attracted more than four million viewers when it broadcast on BBC One.

Retribution, directed by alumnus William McGregor, focuses on the fallout of grieving relatives who have been rocked by a horrific double murder. Set in rural Scotland, the series stars Game of Thrones actors Joe Dempsie and Kate Dickie, as well as Laura Fraser of Breaking Bad fame.

William, who is originially from Norfolk, said: “I was very excited to find out that Netflix had picked up the series. The phrase ‘A Netflix Original Series’ is something that I’ve come to associate with my favourite episodic drama so it’s thrilling to be a part of that.

“I also think this series is perfect for binging. I’ve already seen on Twitter that people are chewing through all four episodes in one hit! It’s a consuming ride so in some ways the series is more suited to that than the traditional weekly release. It’s also fantastic to see the series have such a great platform to reach a wider audience. The viewing figures reached over 4 million when it first aired on the BBC. But now it has an even greater reach world-wide. Being acquired by Netflix has given the series a new lease of life.”

Since graduating from UCA, William has seen his directing career go from strength-to-strength. He was the youngest director of E4’s award winning cult hit MisFits, and later directed the finale of the BAFTA-winning period drama Poldark.

Describing what it was like to film in the Scottish Countryside, William added: “The Scottish countryside is such a part of the story and characters that I can’t imagine telling this story anywhere else. I also had the pleasure of living in Edinburgh for a few months which is a beautiful city – that was a real treat.”

William is currently in post-production with Emmy award winning producer Hilary Bevan Jones and the BFI on his first feature film The Dark Outside.