Models of Attention by Moyra Derby is published in Journal of Contemporary Painting

Contributing to a special issue of JCP to mark 30 yrs since the publication of Yve-Alain Bois’s seminal book ‘Painting as Model’, ‘Models of Attention’ shifts the question  ‘what is the mode of thought of which painting is the stake?’ to ‘what is the mode of attention?’

Informed by current cognitive and neuropsychological research, painting’s combative art history is assessed through the lens of attention. Painting as Model argued for painting’s specificity, pulling away from a formalism that reduces painting to the visual, and theoretical structures that bypass the made object. Following on from the symposium ‘Painting as ReModel: revisiting Painting as Model’ at Camberwell College of Art in 2018, this article proposes an attentional-specificity for painting; the limits of attentional capacity, distinctions between focused, distributed and divided attention correlating with the cognitive complexity held by the structural, spatial and material conditions of painting.