Umut Gunduz

MA Fine Art Canterbury Alumni Umut Gunduz and Anna Skutley are commissioned for Digital Community Art Projects in Thanet

Umut Gunduz and Anna Skutley’s collective practice uses language theory, gaming and 3D technologies to explore ideas of assemblage, mapping and the digital archive. It’s meant to be a kind of testing-ground for investigating fiction and gameplay as frameworks for both physical and virtual exhibition spaces. In line with this idea, they envision their practice as a fluid space, which engages in progressive and changing projects and “lab-like” curatorial encounters. As they are based in Margate, they find it important to work with local institutions and community groups.

They have recently been commissioned by Turner Contemporary to create ‘Memory Palace Thanet’, an archival environment in which residents can navigate and virtually sort through a growing collection of things or artefacts. Residents will be invited to digitise, document and memorialise important objects, events or knowledge. In doing so they will create a digital archaeology of contemporary Thanet. This virtual “open world” will showcase content which grows and evolves over time.

‘Margate Kebab Map’, another of their digital community art projects, is a multi-media documentary project highlighting a group of restaurants often overlooked or excluded by cultural profiles of Margate. While they are seldom reviewed by local magazines, such restaurants are long standing staples of the food industry. In order to include this group in Margate’s conversation around culture, they have created a playable game for Margate NOW 2020 which allows visitors to explore virtual versions of various kebab restaurants in Margate.