stop gap

A collaboration between Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key, and Jost Münster.

Between 27 February and 1 March 2017, the Herbert Read Gallery at UCA Canterbury was used to develop an install event ‘stop gap’ operating around the boundaries of still and moving image, considering framing and spacing as a shared context, particularly the breaks and cuts in space and duration that these imply.

During ‘stop gap’ the artists involved occupied the space at different times, creating a to and fro of contact and encouraging an exchange of ideas about the concept of ‘exhibition’ as improvisation. ‘stop gap’ values how interim solutions can produce crossovers and inter-dependencies, how chance identifications reveal productive glitches in the overlays and gaps between works and between intentions.

A makeshift resolution of works was open to the public for a single day. The gallery space framed this resolution momentarily.