Homeward bound: Photography Farnham student walks for five days to capture stunning landscape shots

Lucy Jarvis, who is 21 and from Benfleet in Essex, spent five days walking to capture the collection of photographs for her BA Photography Rochester final major project. Hiking between 16 and 21 miles per day, the student stayed in four overnight locations before finally arriving back at her childhood home in Benfleet.

“I was so relieved to arrive home,” Lucy says on how it felt to complete the journey. “I had put enormous amounts of pressure on myself to make it home with the shots that I needed and wanted to get, so arriving was a big accomplishment for me.

“The pain, as someone who drives everywhere and doesn’t regularly go on long distance walks, was the biggest challenge. My body was completely unprepared for what I put it through. Each morning and evening I would do a number of stretches but nothing could prepare me for nine hours of almost solid walking from sunrise to sunset. My feet were blistered, shoulders bruised and legs aching. Throughout the last five miles of the journey, as I was crossing Essex towards Benfleet, I was practically limping because of the horrendous blisters that had formed on the soles of my feet. But I am so happy with the photographs and how the project turned out.”

Setting off from Farnham on Saturday 29 October and walking more than 16 miles each day, Lucy arrived home on Wednesday 2 November having hiked through the Surrey Hills, along the North Downs Way and into Sevenoaks. The graduating student explained that choosing from the many different landscape shots available was particularly difficult.

“The goal for my final major project was to create a book documenting the walk. I had decided to use 4×5 to shoot with and therefore was limited to around 30 shots for the whole journey. The project started because of my fascination with places that lie just off the main road and motorways that I regularly drive on, so my aim was to document the extraordinary that lies just beyond the ordinary that we see every day. I photographed the places that made me stop to take the time to appreciate them for their magnificent beauty, but it was difficult as I knew I had to keep on track with my walk.”

The finished project is available for viewers to see at this year’s UCA Farnham Graduation Show, which is open to the public from today (8 June) and runs until Saturday 17 June.