Gestures of Resistance

Gestures of Resistance aims to respond to our current general mood of political anxiety and alienation by opening up socio-political critique in order to resist the palpable feeling of disempowerment. Rather than accepting the non-choice of the neoliberal setup of Greece or current right-wing politics both in America and Europe, the artists of Gestures of Resistance reflect on the current state of our political condition, our current housing situation, the state of education and art, liberalism, diversity and pluralism in this moment of historical crisis, whereby the state of today seems to have strong links to the state of the past.

As part of Gestures of Resistance, artworks by sixteen international contemporary artists will be exhibited at the Romantso Cultural Centre in Athens during Documenta 14. From photographs and collages to sculptures and installations, each artist has an agenda and political take – some subtle and cryptic, some openly confrontational.

Gestures of Resistance also extends outside the gallery space with an artists’ procession on 22 April.

The exhibition is curated by Jean Wainwright.

Bill Balaskas
Pavel Büchler
Edward Chell
Ian Dawson
Craig Fisher
Alfredo Jaar
Peter Kennard
Cat Phillipps
Steffi Klenz
Małgorzata Markiewicz
Louise Minkin
Francis Summers
Terry Perk
Julian Rowe
Yorgos Sapountzis
Socratis Socratous
Wolfgang Tillmans
Jessica Voorsanger
Stuart Whipp
Rosie Gunn
Chris Coekin
Andrea Gregson
Anthony Heywood
Bob Matthews
Kathleen Rogers
Emmanuelle  Waeckerlé