Sally Waterman, Film still from ‘Wellow’ (2020)

Forthcoming exhibition, ‘Wellow’ by Sally Waterman at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight

Senior lecturer in Photography/Fashion Photography UCA Rochester, Sally Waterman’s experimental film, ‘Wellow’ (2020) will be installed as a looping projection in the Clayden Gallery at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight from 24th July-14th August 2021. The ‘Wellow’ project dwells upon place, ancestry, mortality and religion, triggered by the redevelopment of her late Grandfather’s Baptist chapel in the rural village on the Isle of Wight.

Drawing upon T.S Eliot’s poem, ‘Four Quartets’ (1935-1942), correlations are made between the temporality of human life, the changing seasons and her ancestor’s connection to the local landscape. This autobiographical work considers the role of faith within her mother’s family and the generational differences in their religious practices and attitudes.

A sense of loss – of the building, of traditions, of heritage and of community is inherent, as the artist gathers and reflects upon the memories and artefacts that are left behind. The self-reflexive exchanges between the artist and her mother, recorded during lockdown, not only allows the recollection of past experience, as well as the forgotten aspects to emerge, but also reveals the construction of the filmmaking process itself.