Le Regard de l’Autre: A Vindication of the Rights of Women from the series The Virtues and The Delights (1992–94)

Fast Forward publishes manifesto for increased involvement of women in photography

The newly published manifesto written by Fast Forward for the increased involvement of women in photography.

Fast Forward is calling for:

  1. A step change for all arts organisations and institutions to commit to exhibiting, commissioning, publishing and collecting at least 50% women’s work.
  2. Inclusivity leading to all arts events and activities to address a minimum of 50% of women’s interests and stories.
  3. The education system to recognise and value women artists and photographers, and the role they play in society, in their curricula at every level of the system and to provide equal opportunities for female artists and photographers to take part and enrich their curricula.
  4. A more significant encouragement for women to be involved in photography as practioners, as participants and as audiences as part of government policy.
  5. The introduction of an arts and cultural strategy for women in all local and national planning that includes an emphasis on the value of photography.
  6. An innovative and robust approach to financing with key government organisations such as the Arts Council as well as local arts councils being involved in the planning of events and activities that deliberately include women artists and photographers and female audiences.
  7. For governments, local and national, to play an active enabling role in both pushing forward innovative ideas and finding ways to fund projects that involve and include women as photographers, artists, writers, curators and audiences.
  8. A group of sector leaders including the Fast Forward research group to work together to affect change for women photographers and audiences in all aspects of our society.