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Emmanuelle Waeckerle: Ode (Owed) to O concert

For their first concert of 2019, at James Bay church in Victoria, (British columbia, Canada) members of the A Place to Listen Ensemble will perform two works from Emmanuelle Waeckerle Ode (owed) to O  double cd (Edition wandelweiser, 2017) on the 16 January 2019.

O(nly)  and O(hh) are the two last of 4 textual scores based upon Pauline Reage ‘s Story of O (1954) that invite voices and instruments to gradually free O of the words that enslave her, until only she remains before being breathed away.”

For O(hh) The infamous erotic novel has been abridged to seven phrases, chosing those where O is subject (as opposed to passive object). These phrases are gradually stripped of words containing other vowels, until only O remains before being breathed away.

For O(nly)  the content of this infamous erotic novel has been tempered with, so that only words containing the letter o remain. O is released vocally while instruments, one per chapter, read her as a note or chords on a stave of words.