R-R editon three, Sam Treadaway

Emmanuelle Waeckerle composes a score and sound piece for collaborative artist book Revolve:R

Emmanuelle Waeckerle was commissioned to create a score and a sound piece to accompany the images in Chapter 5 of Revolve:R, edition three, a collaborative artist book project by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal, published by Intellect books and Chicago Press.

The textual score sound(ing) images allows one to listen to and release the sounds contained in images, but also around and between the image and us and inside us, through a metaphorical breathing in of what one sees and literal breathing out, through sounds, words, gestures, of what the image has touched in us.

The resulting sound piece REVOLVE-R sound images 1/10/17  is a recording of the second activation of the score on the 1/10/2017.

Revolve:R, Edition three is a continuation of editions one and two (Arrow Bookworks, 2013 and 2015) which explored concepts relating to chaos theory, chance and synchronicity with the first artwork-page of Revolve:R, edition three (page 217) referencing the final artwork sequence from Revolve:R, edition two (ending on page 216). the result of our two-year-long collaboration, between 2016 and 2018, in which artists, poets, and musicians from around the world (UK, USA, Africa and Continental Europe) created artworks in reply and response to one another.