DFSA alumna Owen Davey – Some Waking Woman LP

This month saw sometime DFSA tutor and alumna Owen Davey (O.D. Davey) release his 2nd album on Berlin’s Tomlab Records.

Some Waking Woman LP is a follow-up to 2015’s Catgut Tape LP, which included tracks recorded as part of Owen’s DFSA graduate show whilst a student at Farnham.

Some Waking Woman is also a collaborative film-series between Owen and the artists Graw Bockler (Ursula Bockler and Georg Graw), which uses unedited Super8 celluloid reels, all of which are 2min 22sec long, to give a visual form to the album that reverses the traditional dynamic of the music video, whereby the video format and content submit to that of the music. In the case of this project, the songs are edited to fit the form of the Super8 reels. The reels’ contents, although carefully curated by Owen and Graw Bockler to fit intuitively with each song, have a life and story of their own which is intended to trigger curiosity when contrasted with Owen’s writing. The use of celluloid also fits with the use of vinyl and the record’s analogue recording techniques, creating a contemporary collection of ballads that nod in form and content to the post-modern ‘crooner’ records of the late 1960s that in part inspire it. Stills from the Super8 reels are used for the LP sleeve, combining with a traditional magazine design by Joe Shakespeare and forward by poet and critic Joey Connolly.

Some Waking Woman is now available in the shops and you can watch and listen to the album/film-series in full Youtube.

The film series premiered at Kino Teatr this month and will screen in full for the first time at the MK Gallery on January 27 2018.