Andrea Gregson - Checkpoint

Checkpoint Grizedale – new sculpture by Andrea Gregson sited in Grizedale Forest

In March 2020, Andrea Gregson sited a new sculpture ‘Checkpoint’, an outdoor artwork made for the Millward trail in Grizedale Forest. Designed for 1-4 people, coloured eye holes at differing heights and viewpoints, animate the sculpture, drawing visitors to step inside, to be aware of their presence in nature. Standing inside is a space of stillness, to observe a series of drawings carved into the walls and look through the viewpoints at the surrounding forest. Objects from the forest, such as animal bones, tools, flora, fauna, link biological and cultural evolution, questioning the interrelation between things. The drawings give a non-linear view of the surroundings, for visitors to reflect on human industry and nature’s industry. Infants can look up or be lifted to see the drawings and viewpoints, equally solitary walkers have a unique experience of contemplation and observation. An Instagram account was set up for Checkpoint, to share photos of the work and their viewpoints throughout the different seasons.