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MA Fine Art Canterbury student Kim Conway involved with The Sixteen Trust

The Sixteen Trust aims to inspire children and young people through the arts, improving career prospects, broadening minds and inspiring through sustainable and long-term projects. Through mentoring from real-world arts professionals, across disciplines, the trust aims to bring new ideas and engage young people in the broad spectrum of careers in the arts, giving long-term support, tied …

Reader Steffi Klenz selected as one of the artists to undertake The London Mayor’s Borough of Culture – Camden Alive Commission 2019-2020

Steffi Klenz has been selected as one of 11 commissioned artists for the ground-breaking project Camden Alive, funded by The Mayor of London as part of the London Borough of Culture programme. Klenz has been working in collaboration with Maiden Lane rappers Brownsilla and Boss B as Artists in Residence at the Camden Local Studies …

Steffi Klenz selected by Mustafa Hulusi for billboard intervention project, London

Photographic image Bleeding White by Steffi Klenz was selected by artist Mustafa Hulusi for his billboard intervention project in London.

From the early 2000’s Hulusi has been selecting artists to show visual artworks for one week only in the public outdoor context of a billboard positioned at 2 Hoxton Street in London.

Previous artists include: Mat Collishaw, …

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