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Karen Knorr: New Outdoor Solo Exhibition

Cour des Urbanistes, Fougères, France
17 June–18 September 2022

An outdoor exhibition of photographic works including Fables and India Song, celebrating cultural heritage and wildlife in France and India: 17 June–18 September 2022. The exhibition will take place in the courtyard of the Cour des Urbanistes at Fougeres, a convent created at the end of the 17th century and …


Contemporary Art Show Jane Austen’s House
Open weekends from 26 March-24 April, 10am-5pm 2022
Opening event 6.30-8.30pm, Fri 25 March
Curated by Andrea Gregson

MA Fine Art UCA Farnham  Marina Aoki |  Camila Aguais |  Rups Cregreen |  Bridget Harnett |  Robyn Jacobs |  Julia Keenan |  Betty Lau | Chelsea-Anne Salter |  Sarah Sellers | Yun-xuan Shi | Chea Smart | Stef Will | Marble Zhang

Using the narrative fiction …

Grieg Burgoyne | Classic Workout @ The Classical Art Museum Rome

Grieg Burgoyne’s solo exhibition Classic Workout will open at the Classical Art museum, Rome on Friday 4 February with an opening performance. 

The project is a series of invitations made to international artists on the theme of Il Nouvo Mondo – A new world – by Venice Biennale curator Camilla Boemio. 

The exhibition is supported by …

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