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Programme Director Caroline Molloy reviews new book by alumni Roy Mehta Revival: London 1989-93

Programme Director Caroline Molloy is invited to review Revival: London 1989-93 by Roy Mehta for Photomonitor online photography journal. This body of work was made when Roy was a student at Farnham. It is now repositioned in this new book that documents multi-cultural communities in north-west London as an historical moment. Roy is now a …

Andrew Kötting interview chapter in David Spittle’s ‘Light Glyphs’

178 pages // Released 28th February

Light Glyphs is a series of interviews with filmmakers on poetry, and poets on film. Featuring interviewees such as John Ashbery, Iain Sinclair, Lisa Samuels, Andrew Kötting and Guy Maddin, this intriguing set of interviews delves into the connections and shared interests of creatives behind the camera, and holding the …

Professor Andrew Kötting publishes chapter in Bloomsbury Publication – DISCOURSES OF CARE

Bringing together scholars from film and television studies, media and cultural studies, literary studies, medical humanities, and disability studies, Discourses of Care collectively examines how the analysis of media texts and practices can contribute to scholarship on and understandings of health and social care, and how existing research focusing on the ethics of care can …

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