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Noé Sendas: Vanishing Acts – with interview by Professor Jean Wainwright

Noé Sendas: Vanishing Acts
edited by João Silverio 

with an interview by Jean Wainwright (pg 26-34) and a text by Stephan Klee

 A comprehensive edition of the artist’s work of the last ten years, with a special focus on assemblage works, namely the Crystal Girls series. 

Noé Sendas is a multidisciplinary creative mind working with photography, collage, video, sculpture. …

Professor Nicky Hamlyn contributes essay to accompany the DVD Grainy Realism, hand-made animation films by Vicky Smith

The essay discusses four 16mm animation films by Vicky Smith that were made by working directly onto the film strip, or using the photogram process, in which objects, in this case dead bees, are placed on the film, which is then exposed to light and developed. Smith’s work continues and extends the long tradition of …

Professor Jean Wainwright interviews Philip Colbert in new book

The interview with Professor Jean Wainwright and Philip Colbert, Superpopulistic: The Art of Philip Colbert, has been published by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, in the new book Philip Colbert: Lobster Land.

The interview can be found on pages 116 – 127.

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