Anthony Heywood- ongoing research vessel B.O.A.T.

B.O.A.T. an ongoing research vessel Art Lab which staff and students can access for projects- the vessel is currently harboured @ StMalo.

The boat project in St Malo was an opportunity to operate outside of the artificial structure provided by the university or the schooling of art, thus teaching the skills such as negotiation, compromise, but most importantly the needed adaptability of an artist in this century. For “the craft of an artist today necessitates being constantly on the move, travelling and adapting; the boat can be seen as a symbol of an artist’s life”. The other significant impact this experience had on me was, it served as much needed reminder that the artists ambition for an artwork, however large the logistical headache, should never become secondary.

The feasibility study for an artistic research vessel project will thus propose a model that is innovative with regard to creative knowledge exchanges, new cultural developments targeting a wide audience and a specific social audience, that of coastal and port areas.

Art schools form exchange hubs for creative excellence, supported by community-based artistic organisations whose role is to be distinct entities in innovation, acting as cultural leaders to bring together creative practice and local communities. In addition, the authorities and public bodies will lend their support as intermediaries, ensuring appropriate and coordinated strategic and civic engagement and reach.

These measures will lead to a revival in activity concentrated in urban cultural centres, and will bring together skills, knowledge and creative talent that can be put to use in coastal communities at large and in neighbouring inland regions. Partners will combine their skills and experience in the field of cultural content development and its civic application in order to revitalise rural and urban areas in cross-border French and English regions, thereby stimulating the rest of the economy and the communities at large.

To collectively design a shared workspace on a boat.

To design an innovative and durable interior design for the boat.

To strengthen communications relating to European artistic collaboration (Sculpture Question Research Group, Creative Challenge, Sense of Place and other projects initiated within the ICR framework).

To participate in the “remaritimisation” of the France (Manche) – England (Interreg) zone, encouraging: investments in maritime businesses the adoption of low carbon emissions technologies the physical, economic and social revitalisation of coastal communities.