Myamar, Anthony Heywood

Anthony Heywood invited to participate in international art exhibition NordArt 2019

NordArt 2019
1 June – 13 October 2019

Anthony Heywood has been invited to exhibit ‘Myanmar’, ceramic and mixed media –recycled building materials, at the international art exhibition NordArt 2019.

Heywood: ‘My sculptures are intended to represent a conscious and sustained effort to operate outside the rarefied and the self-referential, without losing cultural values which provide the onlooker with the vital authentic link with the world they inhabit. My work cannot compromise its relationship with society or resort to capriciousness. The extent of ethnic cleansing and urban developmental degradation is an event that is almost unimaginable in its implications and consequences even in an age which regularly engages in apocalyptic forecasting. In other words, however, secluded, remote. Privileged, painstaking, constructed or private existences our environments may be, they cannot withstand the destruction of our varied cultural and national territories. It is therefore physically impossible for me the artist to disengage, and, given that we all acknowledge the unique power of art, morally reprehensible to do so.

In this work, context and content informs an image that does not suffer from isolation, nor is it neutralised. The catalyst was a television news item which was about the slaughter and destruction of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Materiality sometimes evokes censure, but it sometimes a celebration, in other words,

The use of material makes the viewer considers and re-align its suitability purpose and above all its actual worth. The sculpture admits to the fascination of the material objects but they ask us to question the depth and consistency of values.’