Anthony Heywood, the Venetian house 2018

Anthony Heywood exhibits at SBK Galleries Amsterdam

Anthony Heywood has been invited to work with SBK by Caro Bensa [curator] who had seen Anthony’s works at various locations in Europe and Middle East, he started working with them last year and SBK. Anthony was particularly interested in working with them as he was aware of the philosophical position it had established.

Kunstuitleen Foundation Visual Arts (SBK) was founded in 1955 by artist Pieter Kooistra. With this, he pursued an idealistic goal: to build a bridge between art or the artists and the public, in order to make art accessible to everyone.

SBK is an independent non-profit, non-profit foundation or subsidy that exceeds the private interest. SBK supports artists and offers individuals the opportunity to acquire art in an attractive manner.

Heywood: “A primary aim in my ‘classical building series’ is to consider how our atmosphere is changing and evaluate how everything in the built environment is affected by and changed by both time and changes to our air, my research investigates ‘climate change’, I intend the work to respond to the current question on how our vital earth’s resources can be upcycled into and within the sculptural context.

My sculptures each seek to deal with particular issues which will inform notions of value within the broader sculptural context. It is through the juxtaposition of image and material which informs and empowers what we see in the sculptures. It will make us re-evaluate and dare to reject complacency. The research is intended to evaluate how societies development has consequences and every action creates a cause and effect’ for example; acid rain, the ivory trade.

My concept of using an iconic buildings  imbued with civic virtue  and transforming it into mixed media is a direct reference to how the ‘ power of the state’ and the buildings which represent the political and economic structure have been eroded away by time and our changing atmosphere.”

The exhibition will be open in March 2019.