Anthony Heywood awarded the international prize for artistic excellence ‘the andrea Mantegna award’ – XIth Florence Biennale

XIth Florence Biennale

eARTh: Creativity & Sustainability

6–15 October 2017 – Fortezza da Basso, Florence

Anthony Heywood is pleased to announce he was awarded the international prize for artistic excellence ‘the andrea Mantegna award’ for the work ‘bambooele’, a work in the series focusing on the ivory trade, and a series which Heywood has been working on since 1988.

‘There is an ever increasing political and social demand for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society which engages strongly with how we are treating the planet and its natural resources. The research intends to engage with both recent and traditional methods of recycling technology to create more sustainable sources of recycling paper/plastics and timber making whilst also testing ideas using recycling of manufactured products some of which would be articulated into the making of the sculpture. Recent legislation is emerging that will affect the way in which products and processes are developed, manufactured and disposed of at the end of their useful lives. This legislation is stimulating the search for alternative methods of considering how we re-evaluate this mass of society’s detritus and use of generating recycling and sustainable sources of using and recycling paper products. My research is intended to encourage audiences to become more environmentally friendly in interacting with the sculpture produced. Significant amounts of research are being undertaken throughout Europe, aiming to improve the performance and viability of more easily disposed of environmentally friendly materials so that they may replace more traditional systems. This movement of concerns is informing everything from design of utilities to how goods are wrapped and how we recycle.

My concerns with the environment and how the atmosphere has been subject to climate change has played a significant role in why I chose to use recycled building materials in my constructions and through the articulation of these materials as they reveal the fragility of our lifestyle question how we value our community today.’,