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Andrew Kötting: Trilogy Film Screenings & Book Signing

As part of Cinecity and in the wake of its’ première in Geneva, Switzerland, Andrew Kötting returns to Towner Eastbourne to present a rare opportunity to see his Earthworks trilogy in its entirety. Andrew will be with us all day, introducing each film; THIS FILTHY EARTH, IVUL and LEK AND THE DOGS, before being joined by Jason Wood (Artistic Director of Film at HOME in Manchester) for an extended Q&A after the final part of the trilogy, Lek and the Dogs. He will also be signing copies of his Earthworks Bookwork ISBN-10: 0956873375 throughout the day.


A tragic parable of rural passion and survival, inspired by Emile Zola’s novel La Terre and John Berger’s Pig Earth. The film tells the story of sisters Kath and Francine, whose lives are disrupted by two men – a brutal villager greedy for the girls’ land and a gentle stranger who offers the possibility of escape. Amidst a landscape of rural hardship and a community consumed by superstition, events unfurl in an horrific and disturbing way.

A work of such raw tactility and tangible physicality you can almost feel the straw dogs mud between your toes. A unique and brilliant cinematic talent” ★★★★★ The Observer


Set in the French Pyrenees, IVUL is an intriguing Lear-like tragedy in which the intense relationship between teenage siblings Alex and Freya incurs the rage of their authoritarian father. After a huge quarrel, Alex climbs onto the roof of the house and vows never again to set foot on the earth. He lives out a brief and dramatic life in exile looking down upon a family that he loves but is too stubborn to return to.

“There is no one quite like Andrew Kotting working in British cinema today. Actually, there’s no one quite like Andrew Kotting in cinema anywhere. He’s a one-man awkward squad, a restless energy-magician who makes other film makers, arthouse or mainstream, seem like lily-livered dilettantes. Ivul is a brilliant and tantalising drama about the hopeful-but-haunted ways we come up with to stumble through life” ★★★★★ Sunday Telegraph


Based on the award-winning play by Hattie Naylor and inspired by the true story of Ivan Mishukov, who walked out of his apartment at the age of four and spent two years on the city streets adopted by a pack of wild dogs. With trace elements of Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, Kötting’s spellbinding and utterly original story of survival draws on home movies and archive to produce a montage essay on the state of the world.

“Andrew Kötting is British cinema’s great vatic mystifier. He specialises in weird “documentaries” of free-association psychogeography. He made Gallivant, Swandown and Edith’s Walk. In a more conventional style — though with Kötting all terms are relative — he also made the compelling fiction dramas This Filthy Earth and Ivul” ★★★★★ Financial Times

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